Sunday, December 13, 2009

You mincing poof

You mincing poof with your typical leftist cant. Get a life you feeble minded twit. Get fucked you arrogant hypocritical twit. Authoritarian hypocrisy and arrogance--a contemptible coward and hypocrite and you are a disgrace to the blogosphere-an authoritarian wankfest

Arrogant whiney weasel

. . . the whim of some arrogant whiney weasel, a controlling mentality better suited to editing the NZ Herald, a level of arrogant hypocrisy that is seldom witnessed on any blog. Spineless unprincipled weasel, especially as its apparently more popular than your painful drive. You're actually light years out of touch.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A collection of brain damaged dogmatists.

A collection of brain damaged dogmatists. There has never been a Liberatarian who hasn't beaten his wife.
Posturing doctrinal bores. 'Coward' is synonomous with 'Libertarian'. You're all a bunch of spineless creeps and AGM is additionally a dumbfuck who keeps posting his dull low IQ opinions in the apparently uncontrollable delusion they are facts. They preach their ivory tower holier than thou bullshit, just like all such charlatans, in the flesh they're just a nest of amoral frauds and cowards

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't see me

1) stop talking about me, 2) stop lying about me . . . shit scared PC National Party wimp. I subscribe to the strategy "attack, attack, attack, never defend."

Monday, November 16, 2009

You're a diahhroea stricken intellectual coward

"There is the incongruity of tone, that hard, schematic, implacable, unyielding dogmatism that is in itself intrinsically objectionable.” . . . reeking of that every attitude - more dogma and patronising preaching from the ever shrinking band of nutcase cultists, petty tyrants  from a collection of incomprehensible books written by some rambling old cougar. Sneering intellectual cowardice and deceit from puny minded cowards and hypocrites.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dull low IQ opinions

'Ccoward' is synonomous with 'Libertarian'. You're all a bunch of spineless creeps. You're additionally a dumbfuck who keeps posting your dull low IQ opinions in the apparently uncontrollable delusion they are facts. Lies, fakery, impersonation and deceit, you knuckle dragging amoral progressives.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An obsessive cowardly lowlife.

A completely deranged fuckwit spamming fiction of a contemptible obsessive cowardly lowlife. Poisonous Progressives, a danger to liberty -- a disregard for what is right, capable of such rank deceit -- the destruction of our ability to act and think as decent human beings that has given the socialists the beachhead they needed in their quest to pervert and conquer our culture.

Cowards without moral boundaries

Cowards without moral boundaries, you spineless unprincipled weasel. Your painful drivel stands testament to what vile and deceitful strategies the Libertarians would resort to if they were ever in a position where the only restraint was their own morals. Exactly the kind of lowlife we both know you really are ... cowardly shallow deceitful turd burgling scum.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soft fat treacherous arses ...

Soft fat treacherous arses ... thanks for that bigoted opinion ... naked left wing propaganda ... deceit is the Liberqueerians stock in trade ... worthless cowardly leadership ... nothing more than a bunch of self obsessing white ants ... Progressives weasel child-molesters . . . .

Sycophantic arse kissing politically incoherent authoritarian lamers

Unwelcome and odious interlopers -- a hang out for sycophantic arse kissing politically incoherent authoritarian lamers, narcissists and progressives whose interest in self promotion far over rides their professed concern with liberty.

More bile

Weak narcissist "liberal socialism", AKA Progressivism. That same Progressivism that the Liberqueerians spend so much of their time promoting homosexual marriage and liberalisation of drug laws sanctimonious preaching little poseur bunch of group think yes men self absorbed Randian zealots confused sycophant a coward who constantly diverts from the argument with never ending false allegations because you can't argue on the substance.

The usual

Queer pathetic Progressive weasel arsehole fruit homo bottom politically confused narcissistic clowns hapless waffling of a feeble minded Progressive child molesters hypocrisy get you this enraged you seriously need some kind of treatment a liar a charlatan and a coward pathetic cowardly little blog.

Nothing to say

And no-one to read it.