Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laughing stock

This tiny cult of spineless arse-lickers. Narcissistic poseurs putting ego before party ... pineless arse licking cronies ... What a fucking disgrace.... utterly worthless meaningless Progressive crap, with your liberal fascists and toady acolytes. A cadre of brainwashed arse licking cronyist. You have accomplished nothing, and are too weak and frightened to even nominate an objective.

You're stupid, amoral and ignorant. Your cult  and your crawling sycophantic acolytes are completely  hopeless posturing narcissistic fuckwits.  Lies and false allegations, cowardly amoral deceit from craven blustering yellowbacks.

You contemptible cowardly lowlife, hectoring the way you do you insane contemptible strutting arrogant fuckwit. LGM gives me something to whack off over?

I congratulate myself on bringing me into utter irredeemable disrepute. 

You despicable strutting jackass, free to utter your cowardly lies, smears and false allegations to censoring like minded cowards. Get an education you preaching arrogant jackass

Censorship, censorship, censorship!!

Cowardice, cowardice, cowardice!!

Infamy, infamy, everyone's got it in for me!!

 So devoid of common decency, self respect and morality you probably don't even know what I'm talking about.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Will you finally be coming out of the closet this year??  When are you going to quit the Libertarians and take your half baked doctrinal Progressive shit with you. MG driving synthetic poseurs like you.

Stop talking about me.Stop lying about me. Stop misrepresenting Conservatives in your posts.

When it comes to Progressives, I subscribe to the Roger Stone strategy-"Above all, attack, attack, attack, never defend." You're not dealing with your usually shit scared PC National Party wimp you know.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

You mincing poof

You mincing poof with your typical leftist cant. Get a life you feeble minded twit. Get fucked you arrogant hypocritical twit. Authoritarian hypocrisy and arrogance--a contemptible coward and hypocrite and you are a disgrace to the blogosphere-an authoritarian wankfest

Arrogant whiney weasel

. . . the whim of some arrogant whiney weasel, a controlling mentality better suited to editing the NZ Herald, a level of arrogant hypocrisy that is seldom witnessed on any blog. Spineless unprincipled weasel, especially as its apparently more popular than your painful drive. You're actually light years out of touch.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A collection of brain damaged dogmatists.

A collection of brain damaged dogmatists. There has never been a Liberatarian who hasn't beaten his wife.
Posturing doctrinal bores. 'Coward' is synonomous with 'Libertarian'. You're all a bunch of spineless creeps and AGM is additionally a dumbfuck who keeps posting his dull low IQ opinions in the apparently uncontrollable delusion they are facts. They preach their ivory tower holier than thou bullshit, just like all such charlatans, in the flesh they're just a nest of amoral frauds and cowards

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't see me

1) stop talking about me, 2) stop lying about me . . . shit scared PC National Party wimp. I subscribe to the strategy "attack, attack, attack, never defend."

Monday, November 16, 2009

You're a diahhroea stricken intellectual coward

"There is the incongruity of tone, that hard, schematic, implacable, unyielding dogmatism that is in itself intrinsically objectionable.” . . . reeking of that every attitude - more dogma and patronising preaching from the ever shrinking band of nutcase cultists, petty tyrants  from a collection of incomprehensible books written by some rambling old cougar. Sneering intellectual cowardice and deceit from puny minded cowards and hypocrites.