Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laughing stock

This tiny cult of spineless arse-lickers. Narcissistic poseurs putting ego before party ... pineless arse licking cronies ... What a fucking disgrace.... utterly worthless meaningless Progressive crap, with your liberal fascists and toady acolytes. A cadre of brainwashed arse licking cronyist. You have accomplished nothing, and are too weak and frightened to even nominate an objective.

You're stupid, amoral and ignorant. Your cult  and your crawling sycophantic acolytes are completely  hopeless posturing narcissistic fuckwits.  Lies and false allegations, cowardly amoral deceit from craven blustering yellowbacks.

You contemptible cowardly lowlife, hectoring the way you do you insane contemptible strutting arrogant fuckwit. LGM gives me something to whack off over?

I congratulate myself on bringing me into utter irredeemable disrepute. 

You despicable strutting jackass, free to utter your cowardly lies, smears and false allegations to censoring like minded cowards. Get an education you preaching arrogant jackass

Censorship, censorship, censorship!!

Cowardice, cowardice, cowardice!!

Infamy, infamy, everyone's got it in for me!!

 So devoid of common decency, self respect and morality you probably don't even know what I'm talking about.

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